Composite Issue Stops Corvalis Deliveries


Cessna has suspended deliveries of the Corvalis line of high-performance singles after the composite structure of the wing of a newly built aircraft unbonded during the plane’s shakedown flight. “During a production flight of a new Corvalis 400, a wing fuel leak was detected,” Cessna spokesman Doug Oliver told AVweb. “Working closely with the FAA, we took immediate steps to understand the root cause. We now fully understand the cause and a solution.” The FAA issued the emergency airworthiness directive Friday and said seven feet of skin disbonded from the upper forward wing spar.

Cessna didn’t say what the fix was but the effect is limited to eight airplanes, none of which is in service yet. It could, however, delay deliveries. “We offer our profound apologies to our customers for any delay or inconvenience,” Oliver said.