Conklin & de Decker’s Tax Guide Ready In January


The new 2008 State Tax Guide for General Aviation will be released by Conklin & de Decker in January of 2008, offering guidance for ownership, sales, leases, fees imposed in all fifty states and more. The guide itself isn’t a new product, but the 2008 version will be available for download via the internet and offer users the ability to compare three states side-by-side and so quickly compare rates and exemptions. Registration fees, personal property taxes, jet fuel and avgas taxes are also included, along with tax data and contact information for the Departments of Revenue and Aviation in each state. The program allows you to search through tax information by tax type, exemption or state. Conklin & De Decker is addressing the possibility of changes made to the tax law by providing a “download updates” button in the program that checks with the company for coverage of the latest changes. Presently, the company offers a one-year subscription offer at $275 that includes a CD and the updates.