Crash Pilot Allegedly Attacked by Angry Commuters


The South African media is sorting out the facts after at least one news outlet reported that the occupants of a vehicle hit by a Tiger Moth in an accident on a road south of Johannesburg Wednesday attacked the injured pilot while he was still strapped into his seat. The pilot, Glen Simpson, is reportedly doing well in hospital but the crash killed his passenger and the driver of a bus that was struck by the plane. One other vehicle was also hit and a total of 23 people were injured, most of them on the bus, which carried 40 people. There’s some question whether the attack actually took place, however.

The Independent said Simpson’s parents were unaware that any beating took place but quoted 702 Eyewitness News as saying: “His father Mike told 702 Eyewitness News that angry commuters started kicking Simpson after the accident, while he was still strapped to his seat. A witness confirmed that commuters had attacked the injured pilot.” The spectacular accident is naturally being investigated by a long list of authorities.