Crew Ignored Orders To Abort Landing


Canada’s Transportation Safety Board is considering whether to investigate why the crew of an Air Canada flight ignored two orders from air traffic control to abort a landing at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport last week. Controllers spotted a ground radar return showing an object near the threshold of the runway the flight from Edmonton was about to land on. They twice ordered the go-around but according to the Toronto Star the flight landed anyway without incident. The Star quoted a Transport Canada preliminary report as saying the crew told controllers they thought the go-around order was for “someone else.” TSB spokesman Chris Krepski said, “We’re assessing that information to determine whether we’ll pursue a full investigation.” Meanwhile, there will be another investigation on how a driverless van was able to run amok at the airport to start the whole thing.

Transport Canada said the van crossed the runway and a taxiway before ending up on the grass at the southeast side of the airport. It was found in gear with its engine running. Meanwhile back at a Sunwing Airlines Boeing 737 parked at a gate, a service technician was looking for the van he said he left parked outside the plane as he worked inside. The van apparently clipped an engine nacelle on its journey toward the active runway.