Dassault Celebrates LIT Completion Center’s 30th Anniversary


June 1 saw Dassault Falcon Jet celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Little Rock, Ark., completion center, which has seen projects as varied as configuring Falcon 200s for a then-fledgling all-cargo carrier known as Federal Express and will soon see brand-new Falcon 7Xs rolling out. According to Dassault, the facility is the main completion center for Falcon business jets worldwide, employing 1,500 personnel. All of the company’s Falcon business jets are built in Bordeaux, France, and flown to the U.S. “green” for installation of interiors, options and paint. “For 30 years, Little Rock has been giving each Falcon its individual personality with care, precision and passion,” said John Rosanvallon, president and CEO of Dassault Falcon. In 1975, Dassault purchased Little Rock Airmotive, consisting of a 61,500-sq. ft. hangar and office space, original plans for which had the facility “completing” Falcons for the Western Hemisphere and the Pacific Rim. Since then, the facility has continuously expanded and is now the main completion center for all Falcon aircraft and the largest Dassault facility worldwide. In the past 30 years, nearly 900 Falcons have been completed at LIT. Less than a year ago, a new state-of-the-art paint facility was opened and another round of expansion is now underway. A dedicated hangar for the Falcon 7X program should break ground in July 2005 with the final phase of construction concluding in 2006.