Dassault Confirms Falcon 7X Range And Performance Increases


Also at EBACE, Dassault last week confirmed an increase in range to 5950 nm as well as an increase in payload with full fuel for the new Falcon 7X. In February, Dassault said it hopes improvements in the aircraft’s design would boost its range from 5,700 nm to 6,000; apparently, they came up only 50 nm short. Regardless, the new range figures will enable the forthcoming 7X to fly nonstop between cities such as New York and Riyadh, Paris and Singapore and Los Angeles and Rome. “Our goal from the first day of the Falcon 7X program was to exceed the expectations of our customers and to build an aircraft Dassault would be proud of,” said Charles Edelstenne, chairman and CEO of Dassault Aviation. “We’ve succeeded in both areas. Our customers are getting more airplane than they were promised and the 7X is performing in the best tradition of our visionary founder, Marcel Dassault.”

In addition to extended range, the 7X’s MGTOW has been increased to 69,000 pounds. Payload capacity with full fuel has been increased by more than 1,000 pounds and the basic operating weight is now set at 34,272 pounds. The Falcon 7X’s improved numbers come about, in part, from the addition of winglets, additional fuel tanks in the forward section and a redesign of the secondary rudder and lower fin. Additionally, thrust for the Pratt & Whitney Canada 307A engines was also increased to 6400 pounds. Dassault expects to certify the first purpose-built fly-by-wire business jet sometime in the fourth quarter of 2006.