Dassault Jumps On EFB Bandwagon


Want a Falcon but just gotta have an electronic flight bag (EFB)? Worry no more: Falcon manufacturer Dassault said this month it is now offering a hard-mounted EFB on all of its new Falcon 2000DX, 2000EX, 900DX and 900EX aircraft. The new system is based on the CMC Electronics PilotView product and will offer airport, departure and approach charts, along with graphical real-time weather information. The Class II unit is on either the pilot’s or co-pilot’s side of the cockpit and is certified for all phases of flight. “We believe the PilotView EFB gives our operators the most advanced Electronic Flight Bag in corporate aviation,” said Eric Monsel, vice president of programs for Dassault Falcon. “With its solid-state design, PilotView makes a terrific supplement to our EASy flight deck and provides to our cockpit a paperless capability.”

Dassault made no mention of retrofitting EFBs to Falcons already in service, but it can’t be that hard. According to the company, the PilotView EFB is fully customizable and enables access to Jeppesen charts, aircraft documentation, and weight and balance data. The PilotView EFB features an 8.4-inch display with a “film-on-glass” touch-sensitive screen and an aircraft-quality, slide-out keyboard.