DayJet Expands Operations In Florida


Less than two weeks after announcing cutbacks in staff, DayJet on Tuesday said it will expand its network of DayPorts, adding two more Florida cities, for a total of nine sites. With the addition of Jacksonville and Sarasota, 62 percent of Florida’s population now lives within 35 miles of a DayPort airport, the company said in a statement on Tuesday. “Jacksonville and Sarasota are among the nation’s leading business communities for job and economic growth,” said Ed Iacobucci, DayJet president and CEO. “Now it is easier than ever for Floridians to enjoy our state’s great quality of life, conduct business across the Southeast, and be home in time for dinner with their family.” Sarasota already had a DayJet site with service for five destinations, but the upgraded site now will offer flights to 45 destinations. Customers must join the DayJet network, which costs up to $250, then can choose their fare based on how flexible they can be.

For example, a trip with a two-hour scheduling window from Sarasota-Bradenton to Tallahassee one-way would cost $1,156, but the same trip with a four-hour window would cost $309, the Herald Tribune reported on Wednesday.