Diamond’s DA42 NG, FAA/EASA Certified


Diamond Aircraft’s twin-engine DA42 NG, powered by two 170-hp Austro AE-300 turbo-diesel engines, Friday received FAA certification and is approved for both IFR and FIKI (flight into known icing) operations. The aircraft offers single level power, plus improved performance, increased gross weight and better fuel efficiency than its predecessor, the DA42 TDI, according to Diamond. It also offers potential buyers an alternative to the Lycoming-powered version and a diesel power replacement possibility for those flying the aircraft with now-bankrupt TAE’s engines. Diamond is presently setting up service and support infrastructure for the NG in North America and “will shortly be announcing the details of an all-inclusive maintenance program” for NG owners. Attendees can expect to see the DA42 NG decked out in its Garmin GFC 700 autopilot and G1000 avionics trimmings at Sun ‘n Fun, April 13-18.

Diamond’s DA42 NG sports an all-carbon airframe a 152-knot TAS economy cruise capable for more than 710 nm while burning less than 10.5 gph total from both engines. It seats four and has an empty weight of 3,119 pounds with a maximum takeoff weight of 4,189 pounds. Diamond says it pursued certification for the new airframe/powerplant combination in part to help support customers who already purchased the aircraft with TAE engines. “Quite frankly, we couldn’t predict if and when TAE would emerge from bankruptcy protection and therefore it was in our customer’s best interests that we pursued TAE independent alternative solutions to support maximum value of previously delivered aircraft,” the company wrote in a news release.