Don’t Care If The Wings Rotate? Sikorsky Wants You


Sikorsky Aircraft last week said it is kicking off a nationwide effort to recruit more than 300 engineers to meet what it calls a growing demand for the company’s military and civil helicopter product lines and related services. Over the next few months, Sikorsky plans job fairs in several states to fill engineering positions at company and subsidiary facilities in Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, Alabama and New York. The company’s hiring efforts are part of what it says are plans to double revenue between 2003-2008 and significantly increase aircraft deliveries across the company product lines over the same time period. Sikorsky is conducting job fairs in regions with sizeable populations of engineers from both within and outside the aerospace industry. Particular skills in demand by Sikorsky are system engineers, flight controls design and analysis engineers, structural analysts, air vehicle design engineers with CATIA experience, electrical engineers and avionics engineers.

“There has never been a more exciting time to work in the helicopter industry or to work as an engineer at Sikorsky Aircraft,” said Mark Miller, vice president of research and engineering for Sikorsky. “We are ramping up several new military and commercial programs at a rapid pace, while continuing to invest in innovative research and development projects that set the stage for continued growth in the future.” Engineering candidates interested in a career at Sikorsky or its subsidiaries can view job postings on the company’s Web site.