Drugs And Cash Found In KY Crash


Image: The Sanford Herald

A Bellanca Viking that crashed mysteriously overnight this week at the Henderson City, Kentucky, airport had cocaine and cash on board, according to local authorities. Police say that the two aboard, Barry Hill, 47, and George Tucker, 48, both from Sanford, North Carolina, were carrying a duffel bag of cash and suspected cocaine.

“Investigators believe Tucker and Hill were likely in the Henderson area looking for a fueling stop to continue their journey,” said Corey King of the Kentucky State Police. “The Bellanca 17-30A aircraft ran out of fuel causing the engine to stall. The plane fell nose first to the ground ultimately killing both men.”

Neither man aboard the Bellanca had permission to use the aircraft, and Tucker, the suspected pilot, wasn’t legal for the flight; he held just a student-pilot certificate. The crash occurred late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning but the wreckage was not found until just after 7 a.m. the next morning.