EAA: Clock Is Ticking On “Fat” Ultralights


Next January is the absolute deadline for converting overweight and two-seat ultralights to experimental light sport aircraft (E-LSA) status, and EAA is reminding owners that they better get started now if they want to be ready by that date. Aug. 15 was the first of a series of three dates set by the FAA to help owners complete the transition process, but it is not a “firm” deadline — there is still time to catch up, EAA says, but no time to waste. Owners need to apply for an N-number, get their aircraft inspected and allow time in case fixes must be made and a second inspection is required. The FAA has made clear that there will be no extensions to the absolute deadline of Jan. 31, 2008. EAA is offering an E-LSA conversion kit that will walk you through the transition process. It’s available online at $12.99 for EAA members and $19.99 for nonmembers. The FAA Light Sport Aviation Branch in Oklahoma City is also available to help by calling 405-954-6400. The FAA suggests that owners schedule an airworthiness inspection by Oct. 1 and submit their airworthiness certificate packet to the FAA by Nov. 30.