EAA Members Picket Over Homebuilt Law


Pilots arent normally the type to hoist picket signs and mount protests against the powers that be, but its a measure of the frustration Jacksonville, Fla. aircraft kitbuilders are feeling that prompted them to the streets a couple of weeks ago to let their city officials know how they feel about their taking the home out of homebuilt. Wearing red EAA shirts and carrying signs with polite but pointed slogans, the pilots were protesting a Jacksonville ordinance that prohibits anyone from working on a homebuilt aircraft or an airboat at their homes. Last month EAA government affairs specialist Earl Lawrence coached the local chapter on ways to make the authorities listen to their plight and there are some encouraging signs the tactics are working, according to Jacksonville EAA President Milford Shirley. She told EAA that at least a couple of councilmen are talking about revising the law, and the real test of their resolve will be at Tuesdays full meeting of council. “Tuesday is the regular council meeting, and if anyone can come it will be good for the full council to see a big presence,” Shirley said.