EAA: New FAA “Guidance” For Homebuilts Expected This Month


Homebuilders and kit manufacturers have been in a kind of limbo since March, when the FAA issued a report on its review of the “51-percent” rule and said it wouldn’t change the rule but would issue new “guidance” on how to interpret it. EAA now says those new FAA guidelines should be published within the next two weeks, prior to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Earl Lawrence, vice president of industry and regulatory affairs for EAA, says EAA aims to protect the current rights to build fast-build aircraft kits already listed on the FAA “51-percent approved list” (which the FAA said in April would be “grandfathered”), and will work to protect the amateur’s privilege to build an aircraft of any complexity, power or size. EAA also hopes to obtain additional privileges for members to obtain assistance and to hire out more of their project.

The new guidance is sure to get a thorough airing at Oshkosh, and AVweb will be there — along with our family of editors from Kitplanes, Aviation Safety, and Aviation Consumer — to bring you all the news updates and analysis from the show.