Eclipse Aviation Obtains Production Certificate


The FAA on Thursday afternoon issued a production certificate (PC) to Eclipse Aviation, allowing the manufacturer to issue standard airworthiness certificates for production Eclipse 500s. Representatives from the FAA presented the production certificate to Eclipse COO Peg Billson at the company’s Albuquerque, N.M. headquarters. Before receiving the PC, Eclipse was previously required to submit every aircraft to the FAA for approval before delivery. “Earning our FAA production certificate means we have successfully built a reliable, high-quality manufacturing process, and are well positioned to expedite aircraft deliveries, said Billson. ‘This is a critical milestone in our journey to become a high-production aircraft manufacturer.” Eclipse received its type certificate for the Eclipse 500 on September 30, but will have delivered 11 customer aircraft by the end of this weekend. It plans on delivering at least 400 Eclipse 500s by year-end, which if accomplished would be unprecedented in the civil aviation industry.