Eclipse Wants Identities Of Blog Critics


Eclipse Aviation has subpoenaed Google (PDF) to provide the IP addresses of some commenters to a blog site called Eclipse Aviation Critic NG (hosted by Google) that purports to carry inside information on Eclipse and also carries commentary critical of the company and the Eclipse 500. Eclipse spokeswoman Alana McCarraher declined comment about the action, but the current operator of the site, Shane Price, of Dublin, Ireland, says hes both thrilled by the move and feeling left out because he isnt personally named (although that could be because he uses his real name on the blog and is therefore easy to find). In an e-mail to Price, Google said it intends to hand over the IP address information if it doesnt get notice that the commenters intend to fight the action by May 9.

The most recent entry on the blog by Price lists 28 pseudonyms, many of which he says havent contributed to the discussions since he took over the site earlier this year. A similar site was operated under a slightly different name for several years by an American who opted out shortly after European businessman Roel Pieper bought a $100 million stake in Eclipse. Price says one of the regular contributors to the site will file the defense even though he isnt among those named on the subpoena.