Elektra One Nearing First Flight


The latest entry in the electric plane sweepstakes, the Elektra One by PC-Aero of Germany, is nearing first flight and the single-seat composite could be the first of several models to be produced by the company. The company says the Elektra One will have a maximum battery endurance of three hours on its 21-horsepower motor. The company is predicting a top speed of more than 100 mph and planning the first flight for early February. Static testing on the airframe was conducted in December and the power plant was live-tested in November. Future plans are ambitious.

An extended-wing version of the Elektra One, with solar panels incorporated, is planned, as is an aerobatic version, with twice the power and airframe strength. Two- and four-place models are contemplated and the company is also hoping to offer hangars with solar arrays that will provide up to 300 hours of free flying per year. It’s not clear when the first production models will be available.