Embraer Cuts Metal For Phenom 100 Jet


Embraer earlier this month said it has begun cutting metal for the first Phenom 100 business jet at the companys main assembly plant in So Jos dos Campos, Brazil. The first part, a fuselage component connecting to an engine pylon, was milled from a block of aluminum alloy by a fully automated machining center driven by data from a “digital mock-up,” according to the company. After the operation’s completion, a quality-control process employing ultrasound and laser devices for validation with the digital mock-up approved the part. “We are very pleased to announce the first metal cut of the first Phenom 100, a landmark event for the program, saidLus Carlos Affonso, senior vice president, Executive Jets. This achievement is solid proof of Embraers focus and commitment to the Phenom program and to delivering a revolutionary jet that will offer the very finest in flight experience. The entire Phenom 100 production process was planned and simulated with digital manufacturing in mind, as well as the use of production simulations of aluminum and composite parts, assembly operations and ergonomics.

Embraer said it will adopt a multi-site assembly strategy for Phenom 100 and 300 jets, with the company’s plant in Botucatu housing the production of structural components and structural assembly. Final assembly of the Phenom jets — interior completion, painting and flight testing — will be at the Gavio Peixoto facility. The company expects first deliveries of the Phenom 100 to begin in mid-2008. The first flight of the Phenom 100 is scheduled for mid-2007.