Empty Jump Plane Takes Out House, Pilot Injured



A remarkable set of circumstances and some plain good luck led to only one person being injured in the fiery crash of a Cessna 182 that took off with five people on board and ended up in the living room of a house in Gilbert, Arizona, Saturday evening. The aircraft was a jump plane and the four skydivers aboard hit the silk when fire erupted on one of the wings, according to various reports. The pilot was also wearing a parachute and he bailed after his passengers were gone. He is reported to have been the only one injured and suffered burns. The empty airplane flew on for about a mile and crashed into a house and that’s where the luck came in.

There were two people in the house. They were in the front of the house and the plane hit the back of the house. The two occupants got out without a scratch as the house caught fire and was mostly destroyed by impact damage and the fire. The timing of the crash hours after bombings in New York City and New Jersey caused some concern but the incidents were clearly not related. The skydivers were taking part in a Constitution Week celebration at the Gilbert Civic Center.