ERAU Survey Needs Input From Airline Workers


A graduate student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is looking for employees of Part 121 air carriers to take an anonymous online survey. Steve Roe said he hopes to gather opinions about participation in the Advanced Qualification Program, a voluntary program for pilot training and checking overseen by the FAA. The study is designed to reveal any barriers that may be preventing air carriers from fully participating in the AQP. “Documenting the viewpoints of both sides of AQP participation might facilitate enhancements to air carrier training programs, their use of educational technology and curriculum development methodologies,” Roe said.

“Under the AQP the FAA is authorized to approve significant departures from traditional requirements, subject to justification of an equivalent or better level of safety,” according to the FAA. “The program entails a systematic front-end analysis of training requirements from which explicit proficiency objectives for all facets of pilot training are derived.” To participate in the survey, download this PDF document, then click on the link at the bottom. Roe said the survey might take up to 15 minutes, but there are only 14 questions, and some may be able to complete it more quickly.