Eurocopter Establishes Russian Subsidiary


Eurocopter this month said it officially opened its new Moscow-based subsidiary, Eurocopter Vostok, which it created to market Eurocopter products and services in Russia as well as monitor the company’s products operated in Russia. The new subsidiary’s creation was accompanied by a network of regional maintenance centers in Saint Petersburg, Tyumen, and Sakhalin, as well as in Moscow. The eight-person organization will also include a regional training center for pilots and maintenance technicians. Xavier Poupardin, Eurocopter vice-president for subsidiaries and participation, explained, “This new subsidiary reflects Eurocopters unfailing determination to better serve its Russian customers in an atmosphere of partnership and mutual trust.”

Meanwhile, Jrme Noulens, the new subsidiarys managing director, added: “The vocation of the subsidiary does not stop here because, in the future, Eurocopter Vostok is planning to become involved in industrial cooperation programs whose goal is to integrate Russian components on the helicopters.” Eurocopter is the top Western manufacturer of turbine helicopters in Russia, with a fleet of 35 aircraft. Eurocopter Vostok plans to increase its workforce to about 15 people in early 2007.