Event Company Reprises Aviation Summit


A Las Vegas-area company intends to pick up where AOPA left off and reprise the “Summit” convention and aircraft display at the Palm Springs Convention Center Oct. 17-19. Lift Event Management of Henderson, just outside Las Vegas, is apparently patterning their 2014 Aviation Summit after the 2012 Summit in Palm Springs, including the Parade of Planes from the airport to the convention center. Last year, AOPA announced its 2013 Fort Worth show would be the last AOPA Summit and scheduled six regional events in its place. In a prospectus emailed to potential exhibitors, the company says it chose Palm Springs as “the ideal destination to display and showcase the latest in aviation products and services.”

The Palm Springs venue was always a popular one for AOPA Summit and, prior to that, Expo attendees, too.Lift intends to follow the same essential format of the AOPA shows, including forums, speakers, exhibition space and a static display outside the convention center. Its promotional material includes photos from what appears to be the last AOPA Summit in Palm Springs. The company is actively seeking participants for all facets of the show.