Extreme “Unboxing” Video Goes Airborne


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YouTube videos have used aviation to sensationalize unrelated products through viral marketing campaigns and the like, but this “Extreme Unboxing” of a cellphone by TheNextWeb.com takes product description to new heights … with consequences. For the uninitiated, unboxing videos on the web generally do what they say. Usually, a techno-phile sits at a desk, opens up a boxed product, and describes its contents while (if you’re lucky) sharing some insight about the product’s specifications, operation, and competition. As such, they tend to be rather dry and of limited appeal. It seems reviewers at TheNextWeb.com have realized this because, instead of a desk, they chose the cockpit of an Extra aerobatic aircraft flying in full-flail mode to unbox a new cellphone. The results are, perhaps, predictable — we don’t learn much about the product and pilots might enjoy the video, anyway.