Eye of Experience #63: Confession Time »

Admit it: You've done some stupid things while flying, haven't you? We all have, and it is always better to learn from someone else's stupid mistakes than to make even more of our own. AVweb's Howard Fried has told us about a lot of things others have done wrong -- now it's time for him to confess his own. More

"Eye of Experience" Index »

An index to former FAA examiner Howard Fried's popular "Eye of Experience" column at AVweb complete with links to each of his columns to date. More

Eye of Experience #62: What's Wrong with Attitude Instrument Flying? »

Are pilots learning the safest way to fly on instruments? Or are they missing a piece that long ago was the standard -- how to fly WITHOUT the attitude indicator? AVweb's Howard Fried has seen many students come and go, and he says partial-panel training is only part of the story. More

Eye of Experience #61:

Cockpit Resource Management or Crew Resource Management whatever you call it, there is a place for it in the front seats of every airplane. AVweb's Howard Fried has been in cockpits both large and small and he tells why we all need CRM. More

Eye of Experience #60:
The Natural Pilot

We've all heard about or even met someone called a "natural pilot." But is any part of flying natural? The person to ask would be someone who has seen a lot of students come and try to learn and AVweb's Howard Fried would definitely be such a person. More

Eye of Experience #59:
Pass That Flight Test

AVweb's Howard Fried has used several of his past columns to tell us about the crazy things people have done while taking flight tests. This month in "Eye of Experience," he tells us what we should do to pass the tests. More

Eye of Experience #58:
I Still Can't Believe They Did That!

What do you get during 17 years as a Designated Pilot Examiner? A lot more stories than can be told in just one column! In this month's "Eye of Experience," AVweb's Howard Fried presents more amazing stories from pilot checkrides. More

Eye of Experience #57:
General Aviation in Crisis

AVweb's Howard Fried is very concerned about the future of general aviation. In this month's Eye Of Experience, he looks at the effects of post-terrorism security measures and what the consequences (intended and otherwise) will be on this great passion of ours. More

Eye of Experience #56:
Fido Goes for an Airplane Ride

The dog days of summer are upon us, and that means vacations. You gonna take that pet? In an AIRPLANE? Sure you can! AVweb's Howard Fried gives advice to all pet owners on how to safely and securely transport your best friend, in this month's "Eye of Experience." More

Eye of Experience #55:
Being Misled

Everyone agrees we should promote aviation, both to recruit new pilots and to project a positive light to non-pilots. But sometimes our good intentions backfire, and we forget to tell others about the more difficult or complicated aspects of aviation. In this month's Eye of Experience, AVweb's Howard Fried shows some of the ways we can mislead others. More