Eye of Experience #54:
The General Aviation Passenger

As the peak flying season begins, more and more pilots will be flying with their families and friends, some of whom are flying in a general-aviation aircraft for the first time since September 11. AVweb's Howard Fried presents some issues they may bring into the plane, and suggests ways to help them become more comfortable. More

Eye of Experience #53:

Checkrides Once the busiest DPE in the Great Lakes Region, AVweb's Howard Fried has taken many and given many. He reflects on the experience in the latest "Eye of Experience." More

Eye of Experience #51:
You're Lucky to Be Alive — Aviation and the Media

When aviation was in its infancy, there were banner headlines if an airplane made its intended destination. Nowadays, the opposite is true. Just how serious a problem does media paranoia present and what can we do about it? AVweb's Howard Fried has some thoughts he'd like to share. More

Eye of Experience #50:
Staying Out Front

The math is simple. If the airplane is moving along at two or three miles per minute and the pilot's thought processes are lagging behind at about half that pace, circumstances will overtake reasoned responses and adverse consequences will result. According to AVweb's Howard Fried, "staying out front" is crucial for all pilots, no matter what equipment they're flying. More

Eye of Experience #49:
Aviation Litigation — The Expert Witness

There are few topics that will engender a more emotional reaction among pilots than the subject of aviation litigation. Greedy plaintiffs. Unscrupulous lawyers. Well, how about the experts who assist them? AVweb's Howard Fried has had several occasions to serve as an aviation expert and offers his firsthand observations in his latest column. More

Eye of Experience #48:
Air Racing

Air racing, like many things, used to be much simpler in the good old days the fastest airplane won, period. Today's handicap races are more complex, as AVweb's Howard Fried recently learned first-hand. More

Eye of Experience #47:
The First Flight Program

Programs designed to expose youngsters to aviation and get them involved for a lifetime are extremely important to the industry's future. Some programs are professionally organized and well-financed. Others have fewer resources but do not lack for their students' enthusiasm or the dedication of their organizers. AVweb's Howard Fried participated in just such a program. What about you? More

Eye of Experience #46:
Fun Flyin'

So much is written about justifying an aircraft's use that many pilots ignore the pure fun other kinds of aviation involve. That's especially true of soaring. AVweb's Howard Fried writes about the first time he went aloft in a glider and about falling in love with flying "all over again." More

Eye of Experience #45:
Those Nitpicking Feds

Many people who work in the FAA are dedicated to aviation and to ensuring the safest, most efficient airspace system in the world. According to AVweb's Howard Fried, others in the agency, for whatever reasons, seem more interested in nitpicking various things that can trip up the unwary pilot or aircraft owner than making a meaningful contribution. Howard tells all. More