Eye of Experience #44:

The old saying that "the job's not over until the paperwork is done" could have originated from within the aviation industry. Some even believe (they are usually FAA employees) that an aircraft can't fly without a certain amount of paper aboard. AVweb's Howard Fried takes a close look at the FAA paperwork and record-keeping requirements that apply to aircraft renters and owners alike. More

Eye of Experience #43:

The general aviation industry is always looking for ways to reduce the cost of flying and training as a way to encourage more people to learn to fly and keep at it after earning a certificate. AVweb's Howard Fried says one of the best-kept secrets in training is the Recreational Pilot certificate. Training for it can help reduce costs and improve retention. Here's why. More

Eye of Experience #42:
Some People (Just Don't Belong in the Air)

The old saw that "anyone can learn to fly it just takes some longer than others" may have been true of the cadet population during World War II, but it's not necessarily true of today's aspiring pilots. AVweb's Howard Fried assaults that truism, and many students' beliefs that meeting the FAA's minimum-time requirements is all they need to do, with the stories of three students he has worked with in his career. More

Eye of Experience #41:
Strategies for Aircraft Ownership

Thinking about entering the aircraft owner ranks? There are lots of ways to accomplish that sole ownership, partnership, nonprofit flying club, etc. and at one time or another, AVweb's Howard Fried has been involved in nearly all of them. In this month's column, Howard shares some of his ownership experiences, both good and bad. More

Eye of Experience #40:
The Pilot, ATC, and Special VFR

Two of the most enduring mysteries in aviation include managing the pilot/controller relationship and why Special VFR exists, much less how to use it. Every pilot and every controller has a horror story about the other group while newer pilots and controllers simply don't understand their mutual relationship. Too, Special VFR is something that most pilots can't grasp and rarely use. AVweb's Howard Fried tells all. More

Eye of Experience #39:
Those Dangerous Props

Despite the relative safety of general aviation, each year several people are injured or killed on the ground by spinning propellers. Plus, when it comes to hand-propping engines to get them started, there are all kinds of dangers involved. AVweb's Howard Fried takes a look at the "Armstrong method" of starting airplane engines, offers some stories proving why you need to pay attention anytime there's a spinning prop around and shares some safety tips about this ongoing hazard to pilots and passengers alike. More

Eye of Experience #38:

As children, most of us had vivid imaginations. As we get older, we tend to forego thinking about the future in the abstract and, instead, prefer to think in terms of facts and hard numbers. This is bad, according to AVweb's Howard Fried. Using imagination to visualize flight training maneuvers, to warn us of the dangers involving a planned flight operation or to stay ahead of the aircraft helps us stay out of the weeds. Howard shows how using our imagination helps us anticipate our next move and ensures a likely and safe outcome to our next flight. More

Eye of Experience #37:
The Place of the FBO in the Scheme of Things

Trying to explain an FBO to a non-pilot can be difficult. First, you have to explain the name itself. Then comes trying to explain the aeronautical equivalent of a gas station, driver school, car rental agency, maintenance shop and, perhaps, restaurant all rolled into one. AVweb's Howard Fried starts a two-part series to be finished next week by Rick Durden on FBOs: What they are, what they do and how they might think about doing it better. More

Eye of Experience #36:
Luck vs. Skill

Which would you rather have, luck or skill? When not if you are confronted with bad weather, an unusual attitude or an airframe failure, which will you depend on? The correct answer is "both." You need the skills to know what to do and when to do it. You also need some luck to have the opportunity to use those skills. AVweb's Howard Fried looks back on his own lengthy career to explore the pairing of luck and skill and the ways he has used them to handle in-flight emergencies. So ... do you feel lucky? Well, do you? More

Eye of Experience #35:
Safely Selling Your Airplane

Much of the advice surrounding the sale of an aircraft involves how to ensure that the buyer is fully informed about what he or she is getting. But there are two sides to any story or any kind of transaction. What about selling your airplane? What do you need to know to protect yourself? As a complement to Rick Durden's recent column on buying an airplane, AVweb's Howard Fried takes a look at what you need to know when selling one. More