Eye of Experience #14:
Flying the Light Twin Safely

Thinking of moving up from one fan to two? Sometimes, the mystery and old wives tales surrounding multiengine flying can be enough to scare off a pilot from the transition. In this month's Eye Of Experience, AVweb's Howard Fried dispels many of the myths about light twins and answers reader questions about them. Even if you're not thinking of "trading up" from a single to a twin, you're sure to learn something. More

Eye of Experience #13:
It Can Happen to Me!

The old saw says that there are two types of pilots: those who have had an accident and those who will. In this month's Eye of Experience, AVweb's Howard Fried discusses the five hazardous attitudes identified by the FAA that can lead to an accident. Learn how to recognize these attitudes, how to overcome them and how to avoid becoming a statistic. More

Eye of Experience #12:
Understanding the Stall

Stall entry and recovery is one of the most discussed and cussed portions of a flight training syllabus. Yet, AVweb's Howard Fried believes that stalls remain one of the most misunderstood aspects of safe and knowledgeable flying. His dissection of stalls, spin entry and maneuvering speed in this Eye of Experience is a must-read for students, instructors and grizzled veterans alike. More

Eye of Experience #11:
Flying by Sight Picture

Some pilots fly by the numbers, while others fly by attitude. AVweb's Howard Fried is in the latter camp, and thinks today's pilots are way too dependent on the airspeed indicator and have forgotten (or never learned) how to fly by "sight picture." In discussing this, Howard reopens the old argument about whether power controls airspeed and pitch controls altitude, or vice versa. He explains how to put your airplane where you want it, when you want it, even without an airspeed indicator! More

Eye of Experience #10:
Who Needs an Instrument Rating?

Should every pilot be instrument-rated? The FAA seems to think so, and many in the industry seem to treat non-instrument-rated pilots as second-class citizens. Ever the plain-spoken contrarian, AVweb's Howard Fried says his answer isn't just "No" but "Oh, hell no!" and proceeds to examine the real value of the instrument rating, the commercial certificate, and other types of advanced training. More

Eye of Experience #9:
Consistency and Logic in the FAA?

No one has ever accused the FAA of being either logical or consistent in the interpretation of its regulations. AVweb's Howard Fried examines some classic examples of the FAA's often less-than-sensible approach, both in regulations and in how we train to fly. We've sent Howard our Kevlar flack jacket. More

Eye of Experience #8:
Carb Ice Demons

Carburetor ice is an insidious killer, a demon which appears without warning, often when least expected. AVweb's Howard Fried provides some insight into why you might be caught out unexpectedly by carb ice, when to make use of carb heat to prevent it, and introduces some products to combat it. He also blows away some preconceived notions you may have about when to use carb heat. It isn't just for part-throttle operations. More

Eye of Experience #7:
To Spin or Not to Spin?

To spin or not to spin? That is the question AVweb's Howard Fried tries to answer as he reviews the pros and cons of spin training. Dropped from the training syllabus in the late Fifties, there are still many who feel it has value and would like to see all pilots exposed to this maneuver at a time other than when they are killed by it. Howard suggests that reintroducing it may be more difficult than you think, even if everyone agreed it was a good idea. More

Eye of Experience #6:

Can you teach good judgement? AVweb's Howard Fried questions how we impart this vital skill to pilots. Poor judgement will kill as quickly as poor flying technique. Combine poor judgement on the part of the instructor and the poor student is in double trouble. What is the best way to teach sound judgement? Howard offers some examples about what doesn't work. More

Eye of Experience #5:
Feds at Work

Columnist Howard Fried has firsthand experience with the FAA violation process and lived to tell about it, despite the best efforts of the FAA to hang him out to dry. He survived in part because he understood how the process works. Now he shares this knowledge with you in hopes that should you ever need it, you will be better equipped to protect your certificate. It also serves to explain why the "Hoover Bill" currently before Congress is so vital to prevent further abuses by the FAA of its emergency revocation powers. More