FAA Confirms Third-Class Medicals Here To Stay


The FAA confirmed this week that it is not interested in eliminating the requirement that private pilots must hold a third-class medical certificate. Despite recent rumors to the contrary, the FAA said that “out of a concern for the potential safety impact of the change given the large number of private pilots, and in the absence of any data to support the change, we are not inclined to change the rule at this time.”The statement was part of a listing of responses to comments collected during a review of FAA regulations that began in February 2004. The public was invited to tell the FAA which regs should be removed, amended or simplified. Most of the 97 comments concerned details of air transport operations. EAA asked to simplify the paperwork for registering certain homebuilt aircraft, but the FAA declined.

EAA asked that an applicant for registration of an aircraft built from a kit be allowed to use either a bill of sale or an invoice from the manufacturer.Currently, the regulation requires a bill of sale. EAA said this requirement is burdensome because most kit manufacturers do not provide a bill of sale. The FAA said invoices do not provide proof of ownership. Proof of ownership should include language that shows a sale took place and the signature of the seller. An invoice would be adequate if it has a signature for the manufacturer and some wording such as “sold to [name of buyer].” The FAA will continue to review the regs every three years. A notice requesting public comments for the next review will be published later this year.