FAA Direct Chart Sales End Oct. 1


The FAA is sticking to a previously announced scheduleand will end direct sales of paper charts on Oct. 1. After that date, all paper charts must be obtained from an authorized dealer. The agency stopped renewing chart subscriptions on July 1 although it will fulfill the subscriptions already on file until they run out.There are no plans to stop printing paper charts.In an online notice earlier this year, the FAA said it was stopping the direct sales to save money. As an alternative, it established a worldwide network of authorized dealers for the charts.

In an update on its own coverage of the chart sales announcement, AOPA said it could identify no real hardships for pilots under the new scheme.During the FAAs consideration of this change, AOPA evaluated the impact of the change on pilots and urged the agency to ensure the continued widespread availability of affordable paper aeronautical charts, said Tom Kramer, AOPAs manager of airspace and modernization. We found that pilots could obtain paper aeronautical charts at prices lower than the FAA, with free shipping, from a variety of online pilot supply shops.