FAA Offers Controllers More Money, Says Carr


Former National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) President John Carr says on his web site that the FAA recently made an offer to the union to resolve issues resulting from the contract it imposed in 2006. The jargon used in the memo (PDF) Carr says he obtained from someone in senior management is difficult to decipher but it appears to offer increased pay and incentives for some controllers. NATCA says it will issue a statement today and the FAA would say only that discussions have been ongoing since last spring.

Carr, who’s now retired from the FAA but maintains a consulting office and stays close to the issues, wonders why the FAA is doling out offers when its public posture would suggest none is needed. NATCA claims that experienced controllers are retiring at the first opportunity to escape the “imposed work rules” that were part of the enforced settlement on controllers in 2006.