FAA Proposes Update To Part 23


The FAA has released a proposed update to its rules for the certification of light jets. The changes aim to streamline the Part 23 certification process, and “reflect the current needs of industry, accommodate future trends, address emerging technologies, and provide for future airplane operations,” according to the FAA. The rule changes aim to establish a standard of certification that would be similar to what is required of other aircraft in the same size range. The FAA hopes the new rules will reduce its current workload of processing exemptions and approving special conditions for small jets.

The FAA said its current practice of issuing special exemptions, exceptions and equivalent levels of safety to certificate part 23 airplanes amounts to a practice of “rulemaking by exemption,” a practice the agency does not want to continue. Also, the accident rate on twin piston engine and turboprop airplanes identified a safety issue that had to be addressed by a change in the rules regarding single-engine climb performance. Public comments on the proposal will be accepted until Nov. 16.