FAA Seeks Pilot On Suicide Concerns


The FAA and local authorities were still searching Friday for Michael Sills, a 63-year-old pilot from central Florida, who detectives say may have departed Orlando-Apopka Airport, Tuesday, with suicidal intent. Prior to his disappearance, investigators say Sills had threatened to crash his aircraft, a Piper PA-28-181, into the home of his ex-girlfriend, or another building. Sills’ car was found, Tuesday, parked at his home airport, but his Piper Archer was gone. Sill’s ex-girlfriend told authorities the last text messages she’d received from Sills came on Tuesday and said, “In plane.” And “Calling police is to [sic] late.”

Reports state that when found, the exhaust system of Sills’ car appeared to be rigged for a suicide attempt. There was also blood inside the car, clickorlando.com reported. A witness also reportedly told investigators that the plane had departed the airport earlier, Tuesday night. Officials at the FAA are considering the possibility that the aircraft may already be down in a remote location. Information collected by tracking Sills’ phone placed its last known location in the Zelllwood area of Orange County, Fla. Zellwood is within a few miles of Orlando-Apopka Airport, Sill’s presumed point of departure. There are several lakes nearby.