FAA Tracking Down 11,000 Noncompliant Aircraft


The FAA says it’s tracking down the owners of up to 11,000 aircraft operating in the U.S. that may be noncompliant or have expired registrations. The focus of the operation appears to be commercial aircraft but the FAA didn’t make any distinctions in its comments on the topic. “When the FAA does not know the location of an aircraft, the owner of an aircraft, or whether the owner might be deliberately attempting to circumvent safety regulations, that’s a serious problem,” Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner said in a release.

A whistleblower came forward in September of 2017 to report that hundreds of aircraft might be operating illegally with interior doors between passengers and emergency exits, suggesting that business aircraft might be involved. The walls are allowed in privately registered aircraft but can’t be there if the planes are used in commercial operations. The agency said most inspectors weren’t aware of the rule. A task force was formed to review interior door exemptions on 1,000 aircraft and the registration records of 11,000. It expects to be finished in September.