FAA Updates Icing Training Video


With winter on the way for much of the U.S., the FAA has released a new training video about the dangers of ice-induced stalls. “Much has occurred since NASA’s original 1998 ice-contaminated tailplane stall video,” the FAA said. “The information in this training video supersedes, supplants, and replaces the instruction in all previous NASA tail stall icing training videos.” The video aims to “make pilots aware that vigilance is necessary to avoid the low-speed stall accidents that occur in icing, especially with the autopilot engaged.”

The video explores various scenarios and ends with a detailed safety checklist. FAA test pilot G.M. Baker advises pilots to know their airplane and check the weather. “Be vigilant of your airspeed when in icing conditions,” he says. “Do not let airspeed decrease unabated … When you’re in ice, work to get out.” AOPA’s Air Safety Institute and NASA also collaborated in producing the 30-minute video.