FAA Wants Further Taylorcraft Inspections


The FAA proposed an Airworthiness Directive this week that would require owners of more than 3,000 Taylorcraft airplanes to inspect the wing strut attach fittings and check for cracks or corrosion. The proposal follows the investigation of a fatal crash in Oregon last July, in which it was found that the wing fabric was wrapped around the lugs of the wing strut attach fitting, and the fitting was corroded. “This condition, if not corrected, could result in failure of the wing strut attach fittings and lead to wing separation and loss of control,” the FAA says. The inspections are expected to cost about $160, and new fittings, if needed, would be about $200. The FAA issued an AD last year requiring inspections of wing struts on some Taylorcraft models. Type clubs, EAA and AOPA lobbied for alternative means of compliance, which were accepted by the FAA.

Comments on the new attach fittings AD must be filed by March 21.