Initial Pilot Certification Passing Rates Trending Down »

As an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE), I’ve felt like my pass rate on practical tests has been declining over the last couple of years. It started as a gut feeling, but then I compared my recent numbers with my pass rate from a few years ago and found it was also statistically true. It got me thinking. More

The Day My Tablet Died »

Many pilots are placing more reliance on the Electronic Flight Bag. This requires that we become aware of its foibles as well as its magic. More

Some Aviation Axioms—And Opinions »

Lessons learned from nearly 50 years of flying, 40 years as an aviation attorney and a 20-year association with AVweb. More

Flight Training’s Future Fleet »

The face of aviation training is changing and one of the places where the effects can be seen is in how many and what kinds of new aircraft are entering the aviation training fleet. There are a lot of factors driving the shift—a more globalized economy, new investors, training costs and developing technologies, to name a few—but one thing is certain: Aviation training and the types of planes it’s done in aren’t going to look the same ten years from now. More

Healthy Pilot #9: Diabetes And Your License to Fly »

The whole-body impact of type 1 or type 2 diabetes can affect eyesight, heart function and kidney output. It can lead to fatty liver disease, skin infections, osteoporosis and even dementia. No other disease--except perhaps an autoimmune disorder--carries this kind of whole-body risk. Clearly, losing any of these capacities risks your pilot privileges, let alone several at once. Diabetes is item 18K on the FAA's Basic Med Checklist. More

You're The PIC: You're Authorized »

Pilots sometimes need permission to do what their training and gut tells them is right. Permission is hereby granted. More

ASRS: Safe Protections »

Here’s a program that improves the system with the added benefit of protecting you from enforcement when you honestly just goof. (And who doesn’t?) What’s not to like? More

Your Instrument Proficiency Check: Nailing It »

Things happened. You let your instrument proficiency lapse. Now you've got to take an IPC. Treat it as a challenge that you can master and have fun in the process. More