Healthy Pilot #14: Bad Back? Welcome to the Club »

Your body’s wondrous structure of bone, muscle, tendons, ligaments and assorted odds and ends is a fantastic erector set that keeps vital organs safe, and allows for all of life’s perambulations. It lifts, twists, bends on command, and permits pilots to go about their cockpit tasks without a second thought. More

Lessons From A Veteran Cargo Dog »

Excellent situational awareness, staying ahead of the airplane and checking your ego at the door are all keys to flying cargo, just as they are when flying anything else. More

Aviation Dream Jobs: Aviation Photography »

John Slemp of Aerographs Aviation Photography started taking pictures in 1984 as a hobby during his time in the Army. After leaving the service in 1989, he went to school for a year and a half to get a grounding in advertising photography before he began a career as a generalist—taking pictures for everything from advertising campaigns to magazine editorials. More

Breaking Solemn Vows »

How inviolate are the personal rules that we set for ourselves when we find them inconvenient for a specific occasion? More

Assessing Glass Cockpit Safety »

The expected operational and attendant safety improvement from the glass cockpit has not materialized as expected. What’s missing? More

Oshkosh Spotlight: Basler Flight Service »

Regular attendees at AirVenture know they’ll be seeing the latest wares and offerings from the industry this week—with a healthy dollop of aviation history just to keep things in perspective. Right across the field, however, Basler Flight Service combines both cutting-edge technology and aviation’s rich history in one big, highly successful package. Since 1988, the company has been finding and refurbishing decades-old DC-3s and C-47s—bringing these stalwart airframes into the 21st century with turbine power and updated avionics. More

Aviation Dream Jobs: Whale Survey Pilot »

Trevor Laue typically flies 1,000 feet above the ocean, mapping grids over the waves at 100 knots. Whenever one of the flight observers catches sight of the crew’s target—a right whale—Laue breaks out of the pattern and settles into a circle around the whale so scientists in the rear seat of the Cessna Skymaster can photograph, identify, and collect data on the animal. For the best results, the aircraft has to remain as steady as possible. More

To Go, or Maybe Not to Go »

In this world where cell phones can perform more functions than the computer of only a few decades past, many pilots prefer to brief themselves. Doing so when the weather is good is easy—when the online aviation weather options show a dry, high pressure system with no indication of turbulence or other adverse weather advisory. But what about when the weather turns dicey? More