Buying a Used Homebuilt »

For someone considering aircraft ownership, used Experimentals deserve serious consideration. More

Flying for Charity: You Provide the Airplane »

Public benefit flying is tremendously rewarding, emotionally, for a volunteer pilot. It just can't be fiscally rewarding—with very few exceptions, the pilot has to pay for the full cost of the flight. Under the FARs the charity to which the pilot is donating the flight can't pay for the flight or supply the airplane. More

Who's on First? »

Good judgment and quick thinking are hallmarks of the aviation mentality. Both pilots and air traffic controllers are in the decision-making business. For controllers, every moment our headsets are plugged in, we’re making choices that affect the safety and flow of traffic in our airspace. Some choices are easier than others, such as not clearing anyone for takeoff when I’ve got a Gulfstream IV on short final. More

The Final Word On ACS vs. PTS »

We asked how readers were adapting to the brave new world of ACS (Airman Certification Standards), which replaced the moldering old PTS (Practical Test Standards) by which most of us earned our certificates and ratings. Responses ranged from the not-so-happy to the schoolboy crush on the cute, new, testing policy in the classroom. More

Cleared For the Visual »

Most of us like to hear those words especially after being beat-up in the clouds for the majority of the trip. But the clearance holds some special responsibilities. More

Proper Rudder Use »

A quick and easy exercise teaches how timely rudder application can help prevent stall/spin accidents. More