Savvy Pilots Fly Better IFR »

The dictionary defines savvy as practical, knowledgeable and perceptive. Here are some examples to help determine how you measure up. More

What's Under the Hood? Magnetos »

In the second installation of our occasional series, "What's Under the Hood?" we take a look at the source of electrical energy our engines use to fire the spark plugs and ignite the fuel/air mixture in the cylinders—the magnetos. More

Whirly-Girls: Silly Name, Serious Aviators »

The 62-year-old organization that has been quietly successful in providing scholarships for and mentoring women helicopter pilots is approaching a membership milestone. More

IFR On The Fly »

Getting a clearance without filing is easy when ATC cooperates. They will if you’re professional about it. More

Judgment Day »

No, it's not your relationship with your maker—but some serious thoughts on improving the ability to make better decisions in the cockpit. More