Filling in the Gaps »

Even if you’ve missed some key details in your flight planning, ATC can help keep you out of trouble. But, you should do your part, too. More

Spin Training? Yes »

Loss of control accidents involving inadvertent stalls and spins—incipient and full-blown—continue to cause too many accidents. Properly directed spin recognition and recovery training could help prevent the accidents. More

Why Smart Pilots Crash »

Stress and the demands of multitasking are predictable distractions. Knowing solutions in advance helps simplify decision making. More

Intercoolers: Turbo Enhancement »

Properly designed, intercoolers allow a turbocharged engine to develop more power at higher altitude and improve detonation margins and engine longevity. More

Post-Hurricane Helper? Beware the Hidden Risks »

When disaster strikes, volunteer pilots can be a significant part of the relief effort; but they need to know the legal and physical risks before setting out on the specialized flying involved. More

IFR En Route Blues?—Hardly »

Bored and restless in your seat as you wile away the hours on the en route phase of a long trip? Consider the following to keep you alert. More

Becoming a Test Pilot »

Lessons learned from a Lancair Super Legacy and Dick Rutan. More