The Final Word On ACS vs. PTS »

We asked how readers were adapting to the brave new world of ACS (Airman Certification Standards), which replaced the moldering old PTS (Practical Test Standards) by which most of us earned our certificates and ratings. Responses ranged from the not-so-happy to the schoolboy crush on the cute, new, testing policy in the classroom. More

Cleared For the Visual »

Most of us like to hear those words especially after being beat-up in the clouds for the majority of the trip. But the clearance holds some special responsibilities. More

Proper Rudder Use »

A quick and easy exercise teaches how timely rudder application can help prevent stall/spin accidents. More

Loss of N114DE »

All we wanted was a couple of buffalo burgers, but we got to go swimming instead. More

Autumn Changes »

Fall conjures memories of bright blue skies, cool mornings and generally good daytime flying. But in aviation, looks can be deceiving. New air masses are on the move, the jet stream begins to flex its muscle over much of the United States, fronts are marching southward, and thereís likely a tropical storm in the Caribbean or the Gulf. How does this affect your flying and how can you avoid an unplanned turn of events? More

Aviation Insurance: Some Good News and Blunt Talk »

Aviation insurance rates are the lowest they've been in over 50 years. Nevertheless, it's important that you buy the right insurance for the flying you do and the risks you face. More

Briefing the Takeoff »

When everything goes as it should, taking off is a nothingburger. When it doesnít, you need a plan. More