First Aerion Goes To Bin Laden Relative


Tarek Bin Laden, a Saudi businessman and half-brother to Osama Bin Laden, was the first to put a deposit on an Aerion supersonic business jet when positions went on sale at the Dubai Air Show on Monday. Reno-based Aerion has yet to start work on a flying example of its Mach 1.6, eight-to-12-passenger aircraft but company spokesman Brian Barents told reporters that market demand dictated they start taking deposits. The aircraft are expected to cost $80 million and initial deposits are $250,000. The company hopes to take $10 million in deposits. Aerion also appointed ExecuJet to handle sales outside the U.S. “Initial demand for the Aerion jet will come from Europe and the Middle East,” ExecuJet CEO Niall Olver said. The Aerion was announced in 2002 and its missile-like design was unveiled in 2004. The Aerion is expected to have a range of about 4,500 miles.