First Flight For Airbus A321LR


Airbus has successfully flown its new long-range single-aisle jet, the A321LR, for the first time, the company announced on Wednesday. The first flight launched from the Hamburg-Finkenwerder airport in Germany, and lasted 2 hours and 36 minutes. During the flight, the crew tested the aircraft’s flight controls, engines and main systems, including flight envelope protections, at both high and low speed. “The A321LR will allow our customers to perform flights of up to 4,000 NM, allowing them to open new routes – for example trans-Atlantic — and conquer new markets,” said Klaus Roewe, head of the program. The new model includes extra fuel tanks to stretch the range. Certification is expected by this summer.

During the first flight, the airplane reached its maximum altitude of 39,000 feet, and the crew tested handling, trim, and pressurization systems. According to Airbus, the jet is the world’s longest-range single-aisle aircraft. The aircraft is powered by two CFM Leap-1A engines. The cabin will be equipped with 206 seats and lie-flat beds. The flight test regime will continue for about 100 hours of flying, including flights across the Atlantic.