Flight Data Recorder For Small Aircraft Approved


The FAA has issued the first supplementary type certificate on a flight data monitoring and recording system designed for small aircraft and helicopters. Jointly developed by Air Logistics and Appareo Systems, the Aircraft Logging and Event Recording for Training and Safety (ALERTS) system is billed as being small and affordable, but still capable of recording 100 hours of high resolution 3-D graphical data about the aircrafts flight. It also keeps an eye on the pilot and can tell aircraft owners (or crash investigators) if the aircraft was being flown according to procedures. The first STCs are for Bell 206 and 407 helicopters, and Air Logistics President Mike Suldo said it provides a major safety benefit for operators of light aircraft. “Now we finally have a simple-to-install, low-cost, lightweight version for our smaller fleet. Every customer I have discussed this new safety technology with wants it installed as soon as possible,” Suldo said. The unit is designed for simple field installation, according to Air Logistics.