Flight Design’s Four Seater


Manufacturer of the successful CT series of Light Sport aircraft, Flight Design has confirmed its upcoming C4 four-seat aircraft but says the final design will be decided with input from dealers, customers and … you. The company will be rolling out a full-size proof-of-concept model at Aero 2011, which will be held this year April 13-16, in Germany. Attendees will be able to contribute their thoughts at the event. For the rest of the world, Flight Design is creating an online survey where it will accept opinions regarding design features of C4. The survey is linked here, but will not be online until March (save the page). The company’s engineers will work with the information and hope to freeze the design by Sun ‘n Fun 2012. The company plans to certify the C4 and is also working on full type certificates for its CTLS and MC. Meanwhile, Flight Design’s has other news for amphib fans.

The CTLS Floatplane earned ASTM certification on Jan. 15, and gave the aircraft its public debut in Sebring, last month. The company says the CTLS airframe required no structural changes in accepting Clamar Floats. The aircraft now does have a gear position indicator and water rudder handle, plus a split brake for maneuvering on the ground. The float version loses 15 knots to its 115-knot wheeled counterpart. Its useful load is 500 pounds. The aircraft should be available ready-to-fly for about $161,895. Those seeking to adapt their current aircraft can expect to shell out $39,900 for a set of floats and more for a prop exchange.