FlightPro Working To Get Back Online


FlightPro hopes to have its Android mapping and planning system back online shortly after it failed to have its regular monthly update available for subscribers on Feb. 5. Shane Gordon, the company’s general counsel, told AVwebthe update failed because FlightPro is in the process of switching vendors in the support end of the business and not all the data needed for the update was available to the new vendors in time for the Feb. 5 update. The problems may be indirectly related to a legal battle between shareholders of FlightPro’s parent company, Avilution LLC, but Gordon said the operating company is not a party in that lawsuit and that they’re working to get the service back up.Weve been working with the new vendor all week to resolvethe update problem and to get a new professional support team in place, he said. Our goal is toget the chart data updated and continue supporting our pilot users.He said he hopes the issues will be resolved in a matter of days but couldn’t predict exactly when it will occur. He stressed the problem is a one-off event and the updates will occur reliably in the future.

FlightPro was launched in 2014 as an Android answer to the various iPad charting apps that have hit the market in the last five years. The lawsuit centers around allegations by some of the Avilution shareholders (PDF) that others failed to perform work that was promised resulting in extra cost to some shareholders who hired third-party vendors to complete the work. The allegations have been denied (PDF) by the defendants. Gordon said the court battle does not directly involve the company itself. Gordon’s version of the events is also being challenged in a posting on the Avilution website. “We are disappointed to learn of the email message that Mr. Shane Gordon has communicated to FlightPro’s customers and supporters. We deny Mr. Gordon’s false allegations against Avilution and its ‘legacy developers,’ which were published in an effort to paint us in a false light. Similar misplaced allegations are the subject of active litigation with other third parties. Unfortunately, we must forego further comment while that case is pending. We have every confidence that the truth will bear out through the court proceedings, and that we will be vindicated in the end. Please bear with us as we work through that process.”