Forced Landing Pilot Already Under Investigation


A young pilot who witnesses say did a miraculous job in a forced landing on a busy Fort Lauderdale street last Wednesday has been cited by the FAA and has a checkered driving record, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.Austin Brennan, 24, of Hollywood, Fla., dodged people, cars and fast food restaurants when he brought the Piper Aerostar down on a main thoroughfare. He and his two passengers walked away from the fiery wreck with minor injuries while no one on the ground was hurt. Brennan had reported an engine failure just before the off-airport landing. “It looked like the pilot was in control the entire time,” private pilot and incident witness Pat Schaffer told the Sun-Sentinel. But an investigation by the newspaper revealed Brennan has been accused by the FAA of previously violating regulations. The FAA confirmed that it has taken enforcement action against Brennan for a breach of regulations that happened this year, but wouldnt discuss details because its in the appeal period. Brennan has also been cited for several driving offenses, including speeding, driving an unsafe vehicle, driving without a license plate and driving without insurance.