Four Americans, Canadian Pilot Die In Honduras Crash


Four Americans and their Canadian pilot were killed in the crash of a Cherokee Six on the shore of Roatan Island in Honduras Saturday. The U.S. citizens, who have been described as tourists in various media reports, have not been identified but the pilot was Patrick Forseth, a British Columbia resident who sometimes went by the first name of Danny. The aircraft ended up in shallow water just after taking off from Roatan for Trujillo. One passenger survived the crash but later died in a local hospital from internal injuries according to local authorities.

The aircraft had just dropped off Toronto resident John Enman and his wife on the island and it crashed about 10 minutes later. “It just rocks you to the core,” he said. “You know,just shocks you just to think that 10 minutes later, he’s in the water dead.”Enman said Forseth told him he was delayed on the flight to the island because a broken wire from the ignition to the battery had to be repaired. He assured the Toronto couple the aircraft was safe.