Free Cockpit Weather In The Works From CSC Duats


CSC Duats, which provides free FAA weather, flight planning, and flight-plan filing at its website, is now working to bring free Duats weather services into the cockpit, program manager Leon Thomas said at AOPA Summit on Friday. The company is working with a satellite provider to develop a system that will deliver full current weather at no charge, although users may need to purchase hardware to access the system, and will have to pay for the satellite link. “We’ll be able to pump everything up to the cockpit,” Thomas said. Launch of the product is 12 to 18 months away, he said. He also said CSC Duats has recently launched a Tripkit function, which makes it easier for pilots to organize their data.

“As you go through your briefing, there’s a tab on every page, and you can click it to add that page to your Tripkit,” he said. “You can include your departure, en route, SIDS and STARS approaches — as much as you want — and create a PDF file for printing out or download it to your iPad.” Each Tripkit will remain on file for 24 hours, he said. Thomas added that Duats keeps a history of your activity for 15 days, so it will show that you got a weather briefing and all the details of your flight planning, a service he said that some commercial flight-planning applications might not provide.