Freight Feeder Finds Launch Customer


Freight Feeder Corp., an Albuquerque company that is developing a purpose-built short haul aircraft to carry containerized freight has announced its launch customer will be Britain-based MK Airlines. The airline, which operates a fleet of Boeing 747 freighters, says Freight Feeder’s FF5000 will make an important link in the freight network more efficient. “The Freight Feeder Aircraft could play an important role in the future development of an air cargo industry that is already short of competitive and cost-effective airframe capacity,” said MK CEO Mike Kruger. The FF500 is expected to fly next year and has some unique features.

The turboprop twin is expressly designed to carry six standard air freight container in a rear-loading configuration. Empty, it could fly 2,175 nm but with 35,000 lbs of freight aboard it will go 878 nm, striking distance for most regional courier and freight operations feeding a major hub. Normal cruise is 250 knots. The company is also developing the smaller FF4000, a tail-mounted single turboprop.