Fresh Clues Revive Fossett Search


Search crews looking for adventurer Steve Fossett, who vanished while on a pleasure flight more than three weeks ago, now are working with fresh leads provided by the U.S. Air Force, The Associated Press reported on Wednesday. An analysis of radar and satellite images has picked up what might be the track that Fossett flew. “It gives us an idea, if it’s him, what direction he was going,” Gary Derks, the state official in charge of the search, told the AP. Derks said the new search area stretches about 100 miles to the southeast from the Flying M Ranch, where Fossett took off on Sept. 3, crossing remote areas of Nevada and approaching Death Valley National Park in California. “There’s nothing definite, nothing concrete,” Derks said. “These are just some hits that we want to track.”

Ground crews are being sent to scour the area, and search planes will fly over this weekend, Derks said. “If he’s there, he’s going to be hard to see,” Derks said. “That’s why we’re sending in the ground search-and-rescue crews, too.”